PIM Presentation at Enhance

On May 6th 2021 PIM was invited to introduce itself at a meeting of the Enhance alliance.

Enhance is funded by the Erasmus + programme and consists of seven European universities with a focus on science and technology, amongst them also the PIM universities TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen university. It aims to create a closely knit network between European universities, thereby enabling student and staff mobility and the use of innovative forms of learning, while also being socially inclusive and sustainable.

PIM presented itself as a solution to manage digitally processes around recognition and transfer of student credits achieved at an external university.

In a live demonstration PIM presented the recognition workflow starting with an Emrex import and submission of a recognition request by a student, followed by acceptance of the request in a two-step review process at the home university.

Another important point was also the connection of PIM to Erasmus without paper which is a major focus of PIM in the next few months.

PIM was well received and the Enhance alliance will discuss the potential of PIM for Enhance in further internal meetings.