PIM participation at the DAAD conference Moving target digitalisation: re-thinking global exchange in higher education

With the workshop  “The interoperability of a digital platform for student mobility - a win-win game”, the PIM project team addressed a frequently mentioned goal in the digitalisation debates. The presentation is attached here.

During the session, the different layers of interoperability in the PIM-IT architecture and in the recognition workflow were described. The implementation of the ELMO and EDCI data standards are a case of technical interoperability, whereas the description of the module content in EDCI format required establishing semantic interoperability. There are challenges ahead on the level of organisational interoperability, since planned clear and effective connection to the Erasmus Without Papers was also inquired by the workshop participants.

Outcomes of the workshop were the reasons for HEIs to adopt a platform for international mobility. For HEI staff, convincing arguments are the reliability in data transfer and the reduction of bureaucratic and manual steps. For students, transparency and trust were seen as important.

In the discussions on administrative HEI processes, the question on how to harmonize and implement data standards had a central role. The general discourse of the conference transported some key messages: a moving target can only be followed in a spirit of experimentation and joyful doing, for which we need to develop a digital mindset and digital competences. The search for the distinction between digital and analog situations and for their balance in international mobility could be sensed in many discussions.