PIM live demonstration at the event “Digital exchange of student transfer credits” of the SIS work group of ZKI

Close cooperation with SIS providers represents a major success factor for the PIM project.

 Additionally to the intensive common effort to implement PIM-SIS interfaces, the event on November the 26th was a further step in strengthening it.

 In a live session, members of the SIS work group of the Centers for Communication and Information Processing (ZKI – Zentren für Kommunikation und Informationsverarbeitung e.V.) were shown how the EMREX-credentials are imported and how a simple digital recognition workflow is carried out.

The feedback of the participants revealed once again the importance of linking different digitalisation initiatives. The connection between PIM and other student mobility software applications as well as the Online Learning Agreement was discussed. In our view, PIM is complementary to the scope of the other applications. 

As to the participation of further HEI in PIM, any interested institutions are welcome to contribute.

The presentation can be viewed here.