liveSciences³ and PIM: cooperation for a digital enablement of international Student Journeys

The possibilities to shape personal student journeys flexibly in an international context are nowadays constrained in a way, but almost limitless in another. Whereas mobility periods with physical presence are difficult to plan, the offers for virtual formats are getting richer and richer.

These possibilities and the promotion of student mobility in the Life Sciences network represented main topics in the international liveSciences³ meeting on July the 15th. A comprehensive and diverse offer of online courses should not only support flexible configurations for double degrees, but also give incentives to students for getting familiar easily with different locations and topics of the network. Further online formats such as international lecture series, that will continue in the upcoming winter semester, help students discover exciting research projects for their final thesis, as cooperations with international partner universities.

One common objective of the liveSciences³ partner universities is to create a micro-credentials offer on the topic “Sustainability” that is maintained internationally on a long term perspective. Since sustainability represents not only an important societal challenge, but also a theme that motivates the youth, the project liveSciences³ aims at supporting them by providing suitable learning and teaching opportunities. The cooperation among faculties and partner universities specialised in life sciences creates ideal conditions for an interdisciplinary international approach.

On a middle-term perspective, PIM plans to test and then to integrate the recognition of Micro Credentials and Badges in the digital workflow. It is necessary to prepare for the future, to develop online services that suit the variety of new and existing learning opportunities, to take into consideration different paths of international student journeys.

PIM is already on its way, fact that was proven at the end of the liveSciences³ project meeting by one of the legendary live demos.

A common goal in the PIM – liveSciences³ cooperation is to support the implementation of digital services for students, such as the EMREX transfer of the transcripts of records. The plan is to enable students attending courses at the partner Universidad de Talca in the upcoming semester to import digitally, paperless, their transcript of records back to the university of Göttingen. 

The exchange and the new experiences gained in liveSciences³ context with the partner outside the european continent are very valuable for defining new PIM Use Cases.

*liveSciences³ is funded by DAAD as part of the programme „Digital international mobility and cooperation /Internationale Mobilität und Kooperation digital“ (IMKD). For the liveSciences³ project, the University of Göttingen, together with its international partner universities in Chile, Costa Rica, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, has designed a comprehensive set of interwoven digital measures to facilitate the Student International Journey through digital services and to enrich it with digitally supported transnational teaching and learning opportunities. Further information can be found on the project webseite: