Kick-off event for Objective 1 and 2 projects | National educational platform | November 8, 2021

With the “Initiative Digital Education” (“Initiative Digitale Bildung”) of the federal government the idea of ​​a digital educational space (Digitaler Bildungsraum) was born, in which users of all age groups move digitally through various educational forms and offers and which depicts the entire educational journey in all situations. The heart of the digital educational space is the National Educational Platform (Nationale Bildungsplattform -NBP), a “meta platform for networked digital educational offers” („Metaplattform vernetzter digitaler Bildungsangebote“).

In April 2021, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research announced the funding of innovative learning and teaching formats, including supporting technologies (Objective 1), building skills for teachers through the support of digital, collaborative teaching and learning scenarios (Objective 2) and for prototypes of the NBP (Objective 3). In order to further develop PIM and make it nationally accessible through integration into the NBP, PIM has also applied for this funding and has reached the first funding phase.

Within the digital educational space, PIM sees itself as a link between different educational paths and phases. The simplification of the recognition processes offered by PIM through an uncomplicated transfer of credits without media discontinuity not only promotes mobility but also facilitates access to suitable educational offers. In addition, the module database and the recognition history provide information sources that can be used when planning the individual educational journey and thus reduce organizational hurdles.

A conception and validation phase will now be funded from October 18, 2021 to March 17, 2022, which will then lead to an implementation phase of a maximum of 2 years for all successful projects.

In a kick-off event on November 8th, 2021, organised by the project management organization VDI / VDE, the conditions that must be met in the conception and validation phase in order to receive further funding for the implementation phase were presented. The most important goal here is the connection to the prototype platform BIRD, which can be achieved specifically through the implementation of SSO (Single sign on), the connection of a data wallet and the implementation of a metadata connector.

At the kick-off, all 57 objective 1 and 2 projects presented themselves with a short pitch. The variety of funded projects gives a good outlook on the potential that the NBP can develop. There was also plenty of opportunity to identify points of contact between the projects, to exchange ideas and to explore possible collaborations.