Input on breaking barriers in inter*national student journeys by PIM & liveSciences³ at the HFD Future Festival 2021

How can ongoing transformation processes in higher education help “to break down” barriers in inter*national student mobility?

With this somewhat controversial question the projects PIM and liveSciences³* joined the “open discussion” with an input at the HFD UniversityFutureFestival, which focused on the exchange of experiences and ideas this year. The team members gave insights into how to overcome  possible barriers of the inter*national student journey. Solutions were derived from the practical insights of liveSciences³, and the two core functionalities of PIM, namely the recognition history and the recognition workflow with EMREX import.

In a live demo the audience took part in an inter*national student journey from Göttingen to Sweden and vice versa, in which a fictitious student used the transparency of the digital recognition workflow to plan her stay abroad. Afterwards she started a workflow to get the modules completed in Sweden recognised at her home institution

The discussion showed that most attendants (60-80%) think that five years from now students will mostly organise their inter*national mobility without paper or PDF. We could also illustrate the role enhanced digital services can play in this regard through the functionalities of PIM.

Please find a recording of our session on the youtube channel of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung.


*liveSciences³ is funded by DAAD as part of the programme „Digital international mobility and cooperation /Internationale Mobilität und Kooperation digital“ (IMKD). For the liveSciences³ project, the University of Göttingen has designed a comprehensive set of interwoven digital measures to facilitate the Student International Journey through digital services and to enrich it with digitally supported transnational teaching and learning opportunities. Further information can be found on the project webseite: