HRK Modus “International Conference on Recognition“ on 25th and 26th of November 2021

On the 25th of November 2021 PIM attended the Modus International Conference on Recognition. This event, held online over two days, aimed to highlight current advances and ideas in recognition from an international perspective. Special emphasis was given to the situation of the students who had the opportunity to discuss current issues in a pre-conference and present the results on the second day of the main event, where particular attention was devoted to the unique challenges brought on by the Corona pandemic.
PIM applied to the conference with a contribution about the path from project to product. Some 70 attendees joined our 45 minute slot. After a short introduction, PIM’s main features were explained in detail in one of PIM famous live demos, during which many questions filled the chat. This assured us once more of the growing interest in PIM and set the stage for the “project to product” part of the presentation. In another phase of funding by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, PIM aims to roll out the PIM Software at a number of higher education institutions and to put in place all necessary structures for continued operation, together with the HEI. Over a time of two years the project character of PIM will slowly make way for a newly founded company which will ensure the long-term support of PIM as an SAAS. To make this financially viable, pricing based on a subscription model was proposed.
Institutions wishing to use PIM were invited to fill in a survey (in German) to register their interest in joining the next funding phase. Any higher education institution with a serious interest in PIM may participate in the survey. We are mainly looking for national (German) partners but will also consider international HEIs subject to a prior assessment of technical feasibility.