HRK Modus conference “Recognition of achievements from higher education and prior learning: Quality criteria for the practice“

The MODUS project of the German Rectors’ Conference aims to achieve increased mobility and permeability by improving recognition of credits from higher education and prior learning in a qualitative and quantitative manner. Based on the quality criteria identified in the future workshop, a conference was organized in Berlin on the 31.5. and 01.06., combining theoretical views and discussions with practical examples.

The event provided interesting impulses on topics such as trust in the higher education landscape or the inclusion of students in higher education processes. It was unanimously stated that more cooperation is needed in order to reduce the often large gap between higher education administration and professors on the one hand and the differences between the interests of the students and the institution as a whole on the other.

PIM was invited to present itself as a practical example in the topical segment: “Procedure design-improving processes”. This was preceded earlier this year by the entry of PIM in the good practice database by Modus. In a live demo, PIM showed the use case of a student who had spent a semester at the University of Talca and was now applying for recognition of external module credits on her master’s degree in “Sustainable International Agriculture” at her home university in Göttingen.

The live demo was followed by quite a number of questions from the audience, which showed how great the interest is in services such as PIM. PIM also presented a poster in the poster session afterwards. For PIM, this event was a good opportunity to get in touch with experts and users from the fields of recognition of credits from higher education and prior learning and to discuss the latest developments.