Future Conference of the HEI Forum for digitalisation – PIM participated with a quiz and a workshop

In cooperation with the IMKD project liveSciences³, PIM held on October the 8th a workshop on the future of international student mobility. How will the Student Journey change in 5 years time, given the new mobility forms? How can a platform supporting digitally the underlying administrative processes develop in an ideal way? The session followed these guiding questions. Blended mobility forms as a combination of online and local presence and formats based on the collaboration among higher education institutions were seen as promising for the future. We had a focus on the present as well, by doing a live demonstration of the EMREX import function, to transfer student achievements on PIM.

Abbreviations such as EDCI, SMP, EWP can be fun – we proved this in the quiz organised on the 7th of October. The public could guess the meaning of acronyms standing for important digitalisation initiatives. We encouraged creative interpretations (e.g. ELMO as Electronic Medium Output) in the process of finding the right answer, to make the participation entertaining.