February the 23rd and the 24th – PIM presentation to Erasmus Digital Experts and to International Mobility Experts on cooperation areas

PIM can only be successful if the project goals are integrated into the overall international mobility process. With this purpose, PIM seeks cooperations with further process stakeholders and especially with the EWP initiative. 

On February the 23rd PIM had the opportunity to enter the dialogue with the Erasmus Digital Experts group. One day later, PIM participated in a meeting with the HEI user group of the mobility software MoveOn.

In both meetings PIM presented specific proposals for a collaboration in win-win terms. The implementation of an interface and of a single sign on with further mobility tools can make international partnerships of a HEI also visible in PIM. This will allow students to find the information related to past recognitions and the list of receiving institutions in the same system, which will help them prepare for a mobility period in a more efficient way. The recognition workflow used after mobility can serve in the stage before mobility to establish pre-recognition agreements with subject advisors and module experts. Thereby all the information needed to prepare an Online Learning Agreement is already available. Consequently, an interface to OLA represents a further cooperation proposal. 

These collaboration areas were the outcome of a PIM internal work group on EWP, following the end-to-end description of the mobility process.

After presenting these collaboration areas, the current status in the implementation of the workflow was shown, true to the PIM motto “ no presentation without live demonstration”. The key insights of these meetings are that the EWP strength lies in the international and interinstitutional data exchange especially before mobility, whereas PIM is building a strong connection to the Student Information Systems.

Nevertheless, from the user perspective all the steps and systems belong to one single process. This makes the integration and the interoperability between tools and systems more necessary than ever.