EMREX workshop of PIM and liveSciences³

PIM and liveSciences³ hosted international EMREX Workshop (online and in Göttingen) to facilitate the discussion about EMREX and its future directions

On 23th and 24th of november, we were happy to welcome 12 speakers with us at the University of Göttingen as well as about 30 online participants, who joined the discussion about recent developments around EMREX. At the conference center “Alte Mensa” Göttingen, participants from different institutions around Europe exchanged hybridly about the strategic future of EMREX. At the same time, the work program for the further development of the ELMO standard until mid 2022 was defined.

The topics of the talks included developments of Higher Education Institution applications in context of standardization (Harz University of Applied Sciences, HIS), a Diploma Use Case (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) and the European student eID framework (ECCA).
From a more technical point of view, the connection between EMREX, EBSI and EDSSI were discussed (UNIT). The usage of ELMO for transferring recognition was illustrated (University of Göttingen) and proposed changes to the format were examined (UNIT). A solution to handle the change of SameSite Cookie behaviour in Chrome was also presented (University of Göttingen).

In summary, further universities and institutions across (EU) countries should be encouraged to use the digital possibilities for data transfer, to promote and support student mobility. With our liveSciences³ and PIM projects, we are happy to actively drive this development forward.

The agenda of the workshop as well as further information about the event are provided on the EMREX website.

Das Online-Publikum nahm durch eine 180-Grad-Kamera an der Diskussion teil.
The online audience could participate via a special 180 degree camera, the physical audience could see them via an external screen next to the transmission of the presentation slides. Photo: Anne Sennhenn, project liveSciences³, Georg-August-University of Göttingen.