EMREX workshop as part of EUNIS 2022 (online and in Göttingen) on possible extensions of the ELMO format

As part of this year’s EUNIS* conference from 31.05. to 03.06.2022 in Göttingen, PIM exchanged views on the latest developments on EMREX. In the hybrid-organised EMREX workshop on May 31, 2022, the PIM team discussed possible extensions of the ELMO format with around 25 participants in person and online.
The core of the workshop was formed by the requirements for ELMO 2.0, under which the addition of the results of a recognition in ELMO proposed by PIM was presented and discussed. The result of this addition would be that credits issued by different institutions can be issued collectively by one institution. The schema was published on Github in the presented version.

Other topics were the changes and further developments to the ELMO format that have been made since the last EMREX workshop in November 2021, as well as the last votes on innovations for ELMO 1.7.
Sebastian Sklarß from xBildung gave important impulses as to how ELMO can achieve better operability by including standardized international key tables such as ISCED2013 or CEFR.
In another block, Guido Bacharach discussed the requirements of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for HEIAdmission) for the format and their possible implementation (including the addition of certificate-specific properties such as the type of certificate, country of recognition, etc.). Hermann Strack from the Harz University presented security requirements such as additional XML elements for explicit signature types.
The next central steps of the EMREX network are the start of a new working group with the main focus on mission/vision/strategy of EMREX and ELMO as well as the development of a standardised exchange format for ELMO-related requirements. Standardisation at this level paves the way for future interoperability between PIM and the CaMS. PIM will actively support and promote these steps.

The agenda of the workshop and further information about the event can be found in the associated EMREX wiki.

* EUNIS is the abbreviation for the organisation “European University Information Systems”.