Digital recognition and equivalence processes as theme of the Modus expert workshop on July 7th and 8th

How to summarize two intensive workshop days in a few lines? For this, the news will answer the question “what did you learn”, that was also asked in the reflection rounds of the workshop. Experts presented their initiatives and exchanged ideas, supported by the Modus facilitators. Modus is a HRK-projekt aiming at increasing the flexibility and mobility in recognition and equivalence processes. 

Important topics of the workshop were the digitization of the recognition processes and the necessary IT infrastructure, especially verified credentials and data standards. The participants explained how they built more or less complex digital tools to support this use case. PIM offered of course a live demonstration of a digital recognition, in cooperation with RWTH Aachen. 

During the discussions, a polarity became clear: at one end, the importance of the HEI autonomy and of individualised procedures, at the other end the wish to develop standards and not to implement similar goals in parallel. But even in diversity and variety certain patterns can be identified. The question was raised: should digital workflows be a perfect copy of the analogue ones, or should the digitization lead to optimizing the processes. 

A further question with high impact was asked as well: how can the digitization be successful? Possible answers referred to increasing the usability and user friendliness, to a legal obligation, to offering a personal example in using digital tools. In the final discussion round the participants expressed the wish to connect initiatives closer and to establish more transfers among projects.