Common information event XHochschule – PIM dedicated to software providers related to the OZG topic area education, life phase study, on Dec 3rd

In close cooperation with PIM the partner standardisation initiative XHochschule organised an event with more than 150 participants. The aim was to start a dialogue on data standards with different software providers. The goals, the groups of participants, the agenda and an FAQ on OZG and SDG standards are so clearly presented on the XHochschule website, that we would like to offer the link as a description. Furthermore, a video-recording is publicly available.

During the PIM time slot  (1:30 – 2:25 in the video), the five SIS that build interfaces to PIM shared their experiences of the past 6 months in a joint report. The vision, the transparency and the participative character in the PIM project were greatly appreciated (1:41 – 1:51). Given their various implementations and partnerships with HEIs, the SIS competencies represent a success factor for PIM. The cooperation of the SIS to develop consistent solutions for interfaces is an impressive initiative.

TU Darmstadt was the voice of the HEIs at the event. Being involved in such a fast-paced project was seen as a challenge and at the same time as a positive experience (1:53 – 2:02). On the one hand, the digitalisation of the administrative processes represents an important goal, that on the other hand has to be harmonised with the procedural diversity in different faculties. Even if confidence was expressed about the future use of the platform, many questions about its sustainable perspective are still open.

How else could PIM give an insight into its current status, as by making a live demonstration (2:03 – 2:17)? This approach tends to become a tradition in our presentations. The variation this time was the storage of the digital transfer credits in the wallet of the partner project Digital Campus.