liveSciences³ and PIM: cooperation for a digital enablement of international Student Journeys

The possibilities to shape personal student journeys flexibly in an international context are nowadays constrained in a way, but almost limitless in another. Whereas mobility periods with physical presence are difficult to plan, the offers for virtual formats are getting richer and richer. These possibilities and the promotion of student mobility in the Life Sciences […]

EUNIS21, European University Information Systems Congress – PIM as co-author of a successful paper on the digitization in Higher Education

A greek island with mediteranean flair, antique monuments, olive trees, a tavern, beaches and the sea – this is a short description of the location in which the Congress of the Organisation EUNIS (European University Information Systems) took place. The chosen theme was an omnipresent and challenging one: “A new Era of Digital Transformation: challenges […]

PIM Presentation at Enhance

On May 6th 2021 PIM was invited to introduce itself at a meeting of the Enhance alliance. Enhance is funded by the Erasmus + programme and consists of seven European universities with a focus on science and technology, amongst them also the PIM universities TU Berlin and RWTH Aachen university. It aims to create a […]

PIM at the HISinOne user conference

The HISinOne user conference is a regularly held event organised by the SIS provider. As a forum for news about the HISinOne system, the event enables frequent exchange between HISinOne Users about current topics. On the 6th of May PIM had the opportunity to present the latest advances in PIM development to over 60 attendees […]

Common information event XHochschule – PIM dedicated to software providers related to the OZG topic area education, life phase study, on Dec 3rd

In close cooperation with PIM the partner standardisation initiative XHochschule organised an event with more than 150 participants. The aim was to start a dialogue on data standards with different software providers. The goals, the groups of participants, the agenda and an FAQ on OZG and SDG standards are so clearly presented on the XHochschule […]