16th Meeting of the DFN- user group HEI administration

From the 9th to the 11th of May 2022 the DFN (German Research Network) user group HEI (Higher Education Institution) Administration held its biennial meeting at the church “St. Georgen” in Wismar. The user group was founded in 1991 and supports the use of the research network for administrative purposes and administrative staff.

This year’s topic was “Transforming the campus – surfing the wave of digitization”. The meeting covered a variety of current issues such as digital sovereignty, cloud usage and IT security, block chain and more.

PIMs contribution was part of the block on the German Online Access Act and its implementation in the higher education sector. PIM impressed with the only live demo in the WIFI free zone of the church demonstrating the transfer of credits from the HISinOne campus management system to PIM thereby highlighting the continued fruitful collaboration of HIS and PIM. Furthermore, the interplay of the various roles in the recognition workflow was underlined by the example of the recognition of a fictitious externally achieved module at the university of Göttingen.

The meeting emphasised that progress in the digital transformation of the campus has been made both on a small scale but also in instilling a greater understanding for the changes brought on by digitisation. Still much remains to be changed in HEI administration in order to achieve the minimum set of goals defined by the German Online Access Act.